‘Music is the best way to reach out to people’s heart’

Michel Ranzijn, born in the year of 1989, in Egmond aan Zee, is a 26 year old Dutch DJ and Producer better known as Ranzino. At the age of 22, Ranzino was captured by the world of DJing and producing. From then on, he passionately attempts to translate his creativity and love for electronic house music into a serious career in the music industry. Michel, a music lover and dreamer at the same time, has a very own vision about the world: ”I strongly believe that music is the best way to reach out to people’s heart and tell them your story and vision.”


Considering the early stage of his career, Ranzino already achieved to perform in several clubs like Escape and Westerunie in Amsterdam and, being aware that producing good music is a key factor to success and a growing reputation, Ranzino intends to learn every day how to be a better producer in creating catchy, melodic and energetic house tracks, mashups and remixes. Check out his 2014 debut single and widely supported (i.e. by Markus Schulz) progressive house track ‘Along The Road‘ (which forms his debut release on Future Focus Recordings), which is a great example that shows his impressive progression in a short period of time. His latest production melodic 90S house track ‘Let’s Dance Again’ gained support by Dutch rising stars Lucas & Steve and Dutch house king Tony Junior whick demonstrates his improve in quality in 2015.

Being a DJ and producer is something that fortunately crossed Ranzino’s life path. Thanks to an old friend, who told him to download a simple DJ-app for his ipad, an unexpected new addiction was born: DJing and producing electronic music. Right now, Ranzino aims to lift his career from a hobby perspective towards a professional one.

Although DJing and producing recently came across Ranzino ‘s life, he already gained lots of experience by gaining knowledge from professional institutes, together with live performances in clubs. Ranzino aims to continuously improve his performance in the studio as well as in front of the crowd. ‘’Music is something magic and powerful. Learning every day how to be a better DJ and producer is an endless and joyful process which I’d like to do the rest of my life.’’

Besides the fact that Ranzino loves to perform and play with the crowd, his DJ-style is mainly characterized by bringing accessible house, both groovy melodic deep and sometimes more progressive, in a unique set to the crowd. Unexpected drops, creative own mash-ups and lots of known vocals are just a few ingredients characterizing his differentiation. People tend to say Ranzino’s DJ-style balances the perfect mix between power and groove, since he combines the best of energetic dance music with catchy vocals and danceable and deep melodic elements. Tesla Tunes Radio, Ranzino’s exclusive podcast streamable for free through the iTunes Store, is the best place where you can get to know Ranzino’s style. Of course, depending on the crowd, Ranzino reacts adequately and is able to vary among different genres and styles.

Deep inside Michel has a very own vision about the world and he strongly believes that music is the best way to reach out to people’s heart and tell them your story. Michel passionately attempts to use his creativity and love for electronic house music to send the crowd a ‘message’ (I.e. ‘Along The Road’) about life in general and related subjects. Ranzino produces (most of the time) melodic (deep) house and constantly aims to find the right balance between energetic and melodic elements. Thus, nice and danceable energetic club tracks with pleasurable listening parts and as mentioned earlier, there can be a serious message for the pure listener. His first release on Dutch Label FF Recordings is a great example of his creative abilities, though it was just a starting point. ‘Along The Road‘ contains a few steps forward in the right direction. The coming years Ranzino continues to deepen his own sound and intends to make it ready for delivery to the world.

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